Points of You® was founded in 2006 by two creative entrepreneurs – Efrat Shani and Yaron Golan. Since then, the Points of You® tools have been translated to more than 25 languages and our workshops have opened the hearts and minds of more than 100,000 people across the globe.
The tools use the powerful language of today’s world, the language of photos, that inspires and provokes the mind. Professionals around the world use these tools to create meaningful communication in various settings, gain insights and have a real impact on people’s lives.
What Is The Coaching Game ?
The Coaching Game is a creative and effective tool for personal and professional development.
This easy-to-use game features associative cards, each depicting a photographic image and a topic, accompanied by a thought-provoking book, inviting you to experience countless points of view, break free from set patterns of thought and open up new possibilities for expansion and growth.
Who Can Benefit From The Coaching Game ?
Great for individuals, professionals and organizations. Life and business coaches, trainers, therapists, psychologists, counselors, consultants, HR professionals, managers, group leaders and others use The Coaching Game to facilitate awareness and action, insights and growth.
It’s a powerful tool for self-discovery, team building and leadership development, as well as at social gatherings and corporate settings. Played individually, one-on-one, by small and large groups, it can be easily adapted to every audience, objective and theme. And it’s fun!
Learn more how we can support you :
CoachPlus Academy has a Points of You® Certified Practitioner to closely work with our clients in facilitating the fantastic workshop of The Coaching Game to evoke awareness and action, insights and growth.
We will use the power of The Coaching Game to break the pattern of people’s thoughts and open up their new possibilities for expansion and growth. Self development, team building, creativity and many positive impacts in their life will arise.