CoachPlus Academy is the Academy of Inspiration to transform people for their best.
We design an essential platform of training for leaders who desire to enrich themselves with knowledge, competency and skill required for transforming their professional and personal lives for their best.
Upon completion of our training programs, Learners will also be provided with our executive coaching services to ensure of the significant development in their leadership, teamwork effectiveness, professional growth and business outcomes. We guarantee that all investment in our platform of training for leaders will maximize people’s performances and turn the business up significantly.
Learners will become great leaders with intrinsic motivation and shift their people to perform outstandingly with positive impacts on business outcomes under the VUCA world (Volatility – Uncertainty – Complexity – Ambiguity).
Our essential platform of training for leaders are conducted in a form of lecturing, discussing, brainstorming, debriefing, practicing and demonstrating in order for learners to deeply understand and simply apply for their lives. We can serve our clients for both in-house training programs and public training programs (Offline & Online). We can also customize our training programs to best suit our clients’ special requirements. 
Our talented trainers are ICF Credentialed Coaches (ACC & PCC Coaches) who are specialized in training and coaching. Learners will be inspired by evoking awareness, unlocking mindset and unleashing potential to thoroughly understand their thinking process, limiting belief and embedding experience with clarity and confidence in transforming themselves for their best.
Learn more how we can support you on the learning platform for leaders listed below :