Mrs. Theerisara Puangprakhon
Executive Vice President – Corporate OD
Major Development PLC.
Coaching Skill is one of the important tools for leaders in empowering their team for success. It also helps unleashing people’s potentials and inspiring them to learn and grow. I encourage all leaders and managers to learn and practice coaching skill in order to apply it for their team management and performance management. Great leaders should be strong in coaching their people to perform outstandingly to achieve the organization’s objectives.
ICF Coaching is well recognized as a global standard of the coaching sciences. I decided to attend an Executive Coach Certification Program conducted by Coach KC of CoachPlus Academy. I learnt a lot from her not only the fundamental knowledge of ICF core coaching competencies but also the coaching technics step by step on how to strategize the coaching process to unlock coachees’ mindset or limiting beliefs. I practiced both one-on-one coaching and team coaching in class. I am confident to apply coaching skill for my work and inspire my team to grow successfully. I really appreciate her dedication and passion to support her students to be professional coaches.