Miss Kanya Pareepuntharik
(Coach Jeab)
Executive Coach & Trainer
ICF Credentialed Coach (ACC)
As the ICF Professional Coaches, we all need to continuing educate ourselves by taking new courses and practice coaching as many as we can to sharpen our coaching skill for the benefit of our coachees. Peace Coach training program conducted by Coach KC of CoachPlus Academy was indeed a valuable course as it perfectly blended the ICF core coaching competencies with the fundamental principles of Buddhism which creates the inner peace and evokes the awareness of what should truly be our life purposes. PEACE Model is simple but powerful by its means. Her EmotionShift Coaching Certification Program also highlighted on key competencies for Emotional Intelligence which is vital for everyone who lives in the dynamic world nowadays. It empowers me on the positive thinking and inspires me to transform myself from inside first before anyone else. That is the true value of coaching … start coaching myself first.
Thank you Coach KC and CoachPlus Academy on the powerful knowledge from her training programs.