Mr. Songpol Rimchala
General Manager
Distribution Center - Mahachai
Couple years ago when my CEO gave me an opportunity to participate in the executive coaching project, I wondered what coaching is and why me. I really had no idea how coaching can help me and how important it is. I asked myself can coaching help me in running my business more effectively or solving a communication issue with my team. But when I started my coaching journey with Coach KC of CoachPlus Academy, I was very clear and got all answers to my questions. I understood the coaching process and how it created my awareness and solved my problems by myself, not by my coach’s advice. Coach KC was so calm and patient. Her modest manner and tone of voice created trust and respect. The coaching process naturally flowed with no rush. I therefore had a courage to share my stories and some hidden agendas. I think this is very important as sometimes coachees dare not tell the real situation that they experienced. I had an awareness on something I missed because of her powerful questions. She not only supported me with coaching, but also teaching me how to coach my people, how to create “comfort zone”, how to inspire my people to perform and how to encourage them to grow.
For people who never have experiences in coaching and think that it is a waste of time because they are so confident that they can solve their own problems for all the time, I would suggest that they re-consider coaching as their strategy to achieve their goals for life and business. I am so glad that I was coached by a great coach like Coach KC.