- CoachPlus Academy

Miss Kanokchana Petcharat
Executive Director - Software
August Consulting Limited
In November, 2020 I learnt about Business Coaching and EmotionShift Coaching from Coach KC of CoachPlus Academy. She is an ICF PCC Coach with a lot of coaching experiences. It was a very good opportunity for me in growing my business even under the Covid crisis. I could sign new clients because I applied my new learnings from the two coaching programs from Coach KC. I could ask powerful questions to explore my clients’ goals and real needs which were very important in sales meetings. My business is about Software and IT Management Service which I sometimes do not fully understand my clients’ needs especially on some technical terms. But after learning the coaching program, I could close the deal with my new client in the truck assembly business within 2 weeks because I knew how to deeply listen to my client and how to ask powerful questions to better understand and propose the right solutions without a face-to-face meeting as we all worked from home. I was glad in making the right decision to learn the ICF coaching science from Coach KC who taught us many coaching technics for her students resulted in my success in IT business even under the fragile economy nowadays.
Thanks to Coach KC for her dedication and contribution to help her students growing in their coaching career.